How to Enter

With the process and categories having been refreshed for the Awards’ 40th anniversary in 2018 and a record number of entries having been received, the process will remain the same for NITA 2019, with only a few minor changes to categories. Tourism NI welcomes entries from individuals or organisations actively engaged in the business of tourism. Businesses who have been operating for less than one year are  eligible to enter the process (with the exception of the accommodation categories) and there is no cost to enter.

Entry Process

  • View the list of categories open for entries – View 2019 Categories or Download the Entry Pack
  • Decide the category/ies which are most relevant to your business or project and confirm that the activity you are describing in your entry has been undertaken in the past year and completed by 18th January 2019. 
  • You may enter more than one category, but you may only enter each category once for the specific project or business.
  • Essential information is requested for each entry and this will not be scored.
  • Each category has the same two questions to answer (word limits apply), but if you are entering more than one category, you must reflect the different criteria in your answer/s and submit separate entries for each category.
  • Each question will be awarded a maximum of 5 marks at stage 1 judging. Essential information requested will not be scored.
  • Question 1 asks “In no more than 800 words tell us why you believe your business/project merits this award, bearing in mind the category criteria and what your business/project has achieved to meet the criteria”
  • Question 2 asks “In no more than 500 words please provide details / evidence of the positive impact and outputs your business or project delivered”
  • Please ensure you draft your entry offline before completing the online form as the online form cannot be saved and edited at a later date. Sample Entry form available here
  • Entries cannot be emailed and will only be accepted via the NITA website online form and received successfully by the closing date.
  • The online entry form is available at
  • You will receive a confirmation email once your entry has been submitted successfully.

Preparing and submitting your online entry

  • Download the NITA 2019 Entry Pack and ensure that your submission is compliant with the Rules of Entry.
  • Set aside time to prepare your entries well ahead of the deadline.
  • Prepare your answers ‘offline’ in a separate word document or text file for each category you have decided to enter.
  • Have someone else cross check and proof read your submission before the deadline.
  • Verify the word count – 800 words for Question 1 and 500 words for Question 2. Answers exceeding these limits may be disqualified and the online form is programmed to stop after these limits.
  • Finalise the version you are happy to submit as your entry and save it locally to your PC shared network or desktop files
  • Log on to the  website and click on the Enter Online link to open the online form.
  • Complete the essential information requested (not scored)
  • Select the category you are entering from the dropdown menu
    * criteria for the selected category will pop up for your reference
  • Copy and paste your pre-prepared answers into the appropriate fields
  • Please note you will not be able to save and return during your submission.
  • You will receive a confirmation email once you have submitted successfully.
  • Entries will only be accepted via the NITA website online form and received successfully by the closing date which is 5pm on MONDAY 25th FEBRUARY 2019 (EXTENDED DATE) 

Details on the Judging Process and Rules of Entry are included in the 2019 Entry Pack

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