Authentic NI Experience of the Year

Experience tourism is concerned with identifying the uniqueness of an area – what makes that area different to others – and packaging a range of offerings that can only be found in that specific location.  The best experiences connect a region’s physical assets with the emotional interactions that visitors want to experience.

Category Criteria
Think about all or some of the following when preparing your answer:

  1. Authentically local – authentic local experiences that provide exceptional added value
  2. Interactive – Visitors want to enliven their senses and to smell, touch, hear and see something that they can’t experience elsewhere, to make their visit truly memorable.
  3. Visitor Inspired – experiences must focus completely on the visitor to understand, meet and exceed their visitor needs, by placing the visitor at the heart of your every action.
  4. A successful Northern Ireland experience plays to our strengths and conveys a real “sense of place” to our visitors, to distinguish NI from other destinations.
  5. Our Stories – we want visitors to ‘uncover the stories’ through the design and delivery of tourism experiences.

Shortlisted entries in this category will be further assessed by presentation to decide final winners.

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